The classical course focuses on developing music fundamentals. Lessons emphasize technique, tone, rhythm, melody and interpretation.

Many young students start with this stream and then branch out into other styles as they gain proficiency with their instruments. In this stream, students have the option of preparing for either the ABRSM exam or the MEI certificate.

Subjects in our classical stream also include: Classical Standards
Scales and Arpeggios
Harmonic Analysis
Musical Form


The contemporary course is catered to students who wish to learn music from the mid-20th century onwards.

From soundtracks to the latest chart hits, students enjoy playing their favorite tunes and develop an understanding of modern music and composition.

This stream focuses on:
Chord Structure
Chord Progressions
Melody and Harmony
Song Structure
Rhythm and Feel
Song Writing


Whether they are young learners or classically- trained musicians wishing to delve into the world of Jazz, our Jazz course is designed to help students explore their creativity and learn to improvise.

Students are taught improvisation over a Jazz standard in both solo and ensemble settings. Workshops are thus offered to bring together different instruments and encourage students to play and improvise in a group.

This course emphasizes sound knowledge of harmony, rhythm and feel. Recommended for students with a good understanding of music fundamentals, it provides the tools to become creative and versatile, all-round musicians, capable of developing their own musical ideas and styles.

Further topics covered in our Jazz course include:
Chord Structure
Chord Progressions
Technique and Tone
Scales and Modes