Music is within everyone’s reach. Here at the Musical Expression Institute, music is taught with passion, and learned in an enjoyable, serious and efficient way. Students get acquainted with their instruments from day one, alongside music theory and solfeggio. It’s not just about learning to play an instrument; students also need to express themselves through music. They are thus provided with a comfortable space and the opportunity to work together and form a community in which the unique qualities of every student are celebrated.

Imparting such knowledge is one of Philippe El Hage’s, founder of MEI, top priorities. With several years of experience in music education and on stage, he personally supervises the continued training of teachers and the sound progress of courses. Our music teachers are all highly qualified professional musicians, involving students in the process of learning music in creative and innovative ways. In MEI, our goal is to develop ones abilities and skills, boost their self-confidence, introduce them to the world of performance and enable them to be comfortable on stage, by planning several performances a year.

“I want to share my knowledge and my passion for music with each and every one of the students of the Musical Expression Institute, because music makes us all better people”
Philippe El Hage
Founder of MEI